Monalisa fire drill

Monalisa fire drill

The purpose of Fire Drill is to test the staff and obligations of fire emergency organizations to respond to the fire capacity. It will examine people daily fire training, education skills and effectiveness to improve staff ability how to put out a fire, to evacuate, to be self-help and management fire organization, coordination, command ability. It will train and educate staff in the exercise, to further enhance the awareness of fire safety. It will let people to prevent in advance and make anti-combination of the principle in company to be better implemented.


On December 11st, 2016, Monalisa took security as the theme to hold a fire drill in company. In this practice, we can learn deeply how to use the fire extinguisher, how to escape in order.First look at the fire extinguisher on the pressure gauge whether it is normal, then live up and down the bottle a few back and forth. left hand hold the handle to the jaw and right hand open the insurance pin. Standing on the wind area, with the nozzle at the root of the flame, his hands are to suppress the handle for fire.


At this time, in order to experience how to use fire extinguisher, some staff try to use it in person. In the development, fire disasters from our lives get close, some sudden incidents often happen in the constant invasion. Only after we learn some life-saving knowledge, master some life-saving skills, do we can help ourselves and rescue others. Monalisa pay more attention to the fire safe, so we waste some time to learn the fair drill.


From this fire drill, it reveals that Monalisa insist on the idea of”people oriented”. Besides, pursuing development, Monalisa also pay more attention to safety awareness. In the future, Monalisa also carry out implementation of national security policy deeply.