Rising price double edged sword of spa

This year because the environmental protection of the inventory, the price of many spa manufacturers has risen, such as carton, stainless steel or just small screw. Take stainless steel for example, it increased 5-10% every time and changed at any time. It is hard to believe that the price increase quickly. There are advantages and disadvantages of the material price increase. Maybe some small company feel stressed or closed. But some big company will develop rapidly. 


With the economic development, the market corresponding to some changes, the original product and market-oriented, and now more on the products and services. The market is not a single market, and product quality and quality of service determines the market.

But from where we stand, monalisa think it is both the opportunity and the challenge. Why do we say it? With the development of spa, competition, China’s spa modern spa develop more that 20 years, so do monalisa. Spa products meet the requirement of functionality in the beginning, to now meet the needs of the owner's grade and cultural needs. Before it just sell to luxury country, now spa becomes popularity of township - level market.

Rising-price-double-edged-sword-of-spa-1 (1).jpg

With 22 years history, Monalisa purse the quality first and have enough capital to enlarge the production. Besides, we are committed to innovation. Maybe the material is increase all the time, the cost of spa will rise. Feeling stressed, Monalisa will increase the cost, but in order to reach a win - win situation, we will give customers profit margins.

Brand spa which is the rule we insist on when monalisa established. Monalisa are faced to the rising price now. In the future, we believe that we will deal with all obstacle if we persist on our rule all the time. To be stronger and stronger, we try to resolve the problem including the rising price.