The Establishment of Monalisa holding Group company

On March 3, 2017, we warmly congratulated that Guangzhou Monalisa Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established! After making 22 years   preparation, making 22 years efforts, containing 22 years of outstanding results, Monalisa finally stand in spa industry with its heroic posture,  growing trend of development and steady upward state .

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With 50,000 square meters of production base, Guangzhou Monalisa Holding Group Co., Ltd. not only owns luxury sample showing room, advanced automatic robot production equipment, leading technology frontier comprehensive production line and full of professional staff,but also have a series of perfect company system and management. it is with such a best management and production mode that create a its thriving and developing   continuously.

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Guangzhou Mona Lisa Holding Group Co., Ltd. adhere to corporate culture of "treat people with sincerity, do something with trust , do business with honest, be a steady man"  to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. we will try our best to stand in modern high-tech spa manufacturers with good quality products, more advanced design and better after-sales service. We make effort to create "Mona Lisa MONALISA" leading technology, quality first, service-class industry monument!

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Guangzhou Mona Lisa Holding Group Co., Ltd. Insists on "Bring spa relaxation enjoy to the world" for the mission and pay attention to the action. We continue to pursue breakthroughs and development in the production process and design , adhere to the "create China SPA for first brand" . Because of the company's vision and the right leadership, Guangzhou Mona Lisa Holding Group Co., Ltd. business was flourishing. We firmly believe that in the coming days, Guangzhou Mona Lisa Holding Group Co., Ltd. will be more powerful momentum in spa industry, and try best to build more humane products and services for customers.

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Because of this 22 years of business philosophy, because of this 22 years of experience , because of this 22 years of fumbling roll, making Guangzhou Mona Lisa become immortal legend, laying Guangzhou Mona Lisa industry leader position, reinforcing Guangzhou Mona Lisa good product quality reputation. 2017, let the dream and development take off! Guangzhou Mona Lisa Holding Group Co., Ltd., will be more vigorous and positive to provide you with better sanitary products and strive to create a better tomorrow!