The other side of Monalisa-Dedicated to Educational charity

In January 3, 2017, the sun was shining, We Monalisa decided to go to a place we ve been there for 9 years,especially in the first working day of 2017,its Hua Qiao Primary School,this isnt the only school we offer Sponsor,still another school named:Dadong school in Yingde,Gaungdong province,wo go there every year,we take care these poor children, they are the flowers of our motherland,we think that an excellent enterprise shouldn't just be a big and rich company,it should be a renterprise which is good for ourt society.


Not only have devoted to help poor students in schools out of trouble, we also support the school infrastructure construction,at the first of this April,we opted  to fund a new primary school with their Sports facilities,we bought basketball stands, basketball, Table tennis table, Horizontal bars,we can imagine the time they got those goods they will be very happy,that's what we want,hope our flowers of the motherland can grow sturdily.

Everytime we see those lovely children,we feel very happy. A brief talk, we can feel the children's simplicity and innocence, politeness and gratitude,when we show them our charitable fund, they all politely took even saying  Thank You and saluting,they take us as so impotant and respectable ones,this moment we were felling so touched,no matter how hard it would be,we  Guangzhou Monalisa Bath Ware Co.,Ltd will not stop paying attention to them.We hope that the poor students can feel the warmth of the community, feel the sun under worry free life. At the same time, also hope that the students cherish today's happy life,be confident and study hard, with a thankful heart,try to be a good person, the time they gain achievements,return to others in the future.thats our constant pursuit.


This is ninth year we Monalisa spa manufacturers sponsor this school,we have witness the change of this school,being better and better,we feel so warm. Dedicated to charity,we do not ask for return, will continue doing this, but also sincerely appeal to all sectors of society to join together, lets build a kind and beautiful scenery.Thats the other side of Monalisa---dedicated to educational charity.