Three Different Wood Materials Of Sauna Room

Sauna, another way to be relaxed and detox. It is a small wooden room that designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions, or an establishment with one or more of these facilities. The steam and high heat make the bathers perspire. One of the most important part of Sauna, is their wood material. The three main woods that use for canadian cedar wood sauna is Canadian Red Cedar, Finnish Pine Wood, and African White Wood. Let’s talk about the difference between them today.


Canadian Red Cedar also known as Western Red Cedar. It is among the most widespread trees in the Pacific Northwest. It is long-lived, some individual can live well over a thousand years, with the oldest verified being 1460 years. Red cedar has high size stability, high resistance to corrosion,  natural lasting anti bacterial abilities, and high durability. It rarely shrink or expanded because of its small density and light weight. It has excellent insulation and heat insulation performance, and it is easy to dry. The finish has excellent processing performance. Its wood grain is straight and without holes. Also, the red cedar wood has a unique smell. Due to its high anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and insect-proofing, red cedar now become the first choice for indoor and outdoor uses. 


Finland is a country that with the highest coverage of forest in northern Europe, and the second highest coverage in the world. Finland is located in the Scandinavian, which is the most conducive place to grow the high quality wood. Its coldness and long period of winter makes that only about 100 days of a year for trees to grow, however, in the other hand, slow and symmetry growth makes the best wood. Finnish pine wood(known as Pinus silvestris) has hard woodiness, straight and well-balanced texture. It has small and less tree bears. Its natural texture and low contents of resin make it be popular in many industries. Finnish pine wood is a kind of the artificial anti-corrosive wood. After vacuum degreasing, it will be poured with waterborne preservatives ACQ in a closed high-pressure warehouse in order to let the preservatives immersed in deep wood cells. Therefore, the Finnish pine wood has functions of anti-fungal, anti-rotten, anti-termite and other parasites. It also has high density, high strength, clear texture and good decoration.


African Ayous white wood grows in tropical Africa. Although it has a lower price, but its quality is not as good as the other two. It has staggered texture, and even structure. It has soft woodiness low intensity, and small air shrinkage. However, it is easy to process and it has smooth cut surface. Also, the African Ayous white wood has good performance on lathe cutting and plane cutting. In the other hand, it also has good performance on painting and polishing. However, it’s anti-corrosion is not as good as the Canadian red cedar and the Finnish pine wood. It takes long time to dry and it’s easy to turn blue. It’s humidity resistance also not as good as others.       


After reading this article, hope you will have a better understanding on the three main material types of sauna room. And you will know what kind of wood is better for you if you are going to purchase. Love her, love Monalisa! We will always provide professional advice for you.