2017 Monalisa First Quarter Summary Convention

Monalisa’s traditional meeting -- first quarter summary convention was successfully held in April, 11th 2017. Our company pays extra attention to every quarter summary convention that we had. It is a good way to analysis how we were doing in the past quarter and what our problems are. After that, we can make a better plan for next quarter.


The picture above is our General manager Li, she was giving out opening speech and analysing our manifestation of the first quarter. Also, she was giving an expectation for next quarter of the year and a motivating speech. Encouraging is important to employees, especially for those factory workers who were working hardly everyday in order to provide our customers our best quality and service.


The group morale show is also a traditional activity in Monalisa. Different departments make their own group, showing their group morale and spirit to the GM and other colleagues. This can help training staff’s discipline and teamwork spirit.     


Monalisa will give out awards and prizes to employees to commend their contribution. The picture showing above is the champion sales team of the first quarter. After giving out the award, other teams will go on the stage and announce their challenge to the champion team. Also there are awards for the outstanding factory workers, the best progress employee, and the best salesman of the quarter.    


After the award ceremony, all the teams will go to the stage again and announce themselves goals for next quarter and their team goals for next quarter as well. Goal setting is very important not only for a salesman but for everyone, therefore, Monalisa suggests their sale representatives to set goals for monthly, quarterly and annually, and giving out awards for those who achieve their goals. The purpose for that is to encourage workers to be motivated and do their best to achieve their goal.

Monalisa also has a traditional event that they will get a cake and celebrate birthdays for their employees. Therefore, at the end of the convention, we celebrate birthdays together as a family.

 Monalisa family is a big family, together to make Monalisa better. Love her, love Monalisa.