Company Tour —— Nankun Mountain Journey

On September 25, 2016, in such a sunny and wonderful day, We have prepared all the things and start our two-day Nankun Mountain journey.


After we arrived at hotel and lunch, we have the happy game time. Look, we’re truly big family! In spite of aim at strive for winning, most important aspects are share joyful and happiness, regardless of you and me, learn the importance of cooperation and unity is strength.


We’re temporarily far away job, computer and office to enjoy fresh air, embrace to the nature. We’re high-spirited, appreciate the beautiful mountain and river in droves. In the evening, Such a pretty beautiful, picturesque natural scene. All of us are felt relaxed and happiness.


MONALISA is not only launching high quality product and professional services but also devotes ourselves to shape and carry forward the outstanding employees culture, spare no effort to build family-style enterprise. In line with people-oriented, boss in the distance between employees, to make the enterprise more cohesive.

At the end, we bought some specialty and delicious foods. We believe that we will do better after this relaxed tour, we are the team, we are the family, and we will create more and more beautiful memories in our big family.