Luxury Massage 2 Person Portable Indoor Hot Tub


    Model: M-2008

    Size: 1310*1310*650mm 

    Shape: Triangle

    Structure: Freestanding Tub

    Drain Location: Corner


  • 1. Water power surf massage system 
  • 2. Collocate novel shower & faucet
  • 3. Infall water, spout water & water level tune up function
  • 4. Haunch water power pin-stick massage system
  • 5. Circle surf in the middle part


Water pump (750W): 1pc
Hand shower: 1set
Big jets: 5pcs
Small jets 3pcs
Three suit set: 1set
Stainless steel frame:  1set
Drainer: 1set
Pillow: 1pcs
Air button: 1pc


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