Super size USA Lucite acrylic good quality whirlpool swim pool

    Model: M-3325


    Package Size: 8800*2400*1420MM

    Capacity: 6-8 People

    Water Volume: 10000liter

Acrylic Color

  • A007-02
  • A010

Hem Color

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • E
  • F
  • GA
  • GB
  • GC
  • GE
  • GF


  • 1. USA Balboa heating system
  • 2. Illumination system
  • 3. Massage jet system
  • 4. USA Ozone disinfection system
  • 5. Circulating filtration system
  • 6. USA Balboa control system
  • 7. Air froth system


USA Acrylic Sheet: 1pc
USA Balboa Control System: 2pcs
USA Ozone Sterilization: 1pc
USA  Balboa Heater(3KW): 2pc
Filter pump(0.5HP):: 2pcs
Water pump(3HP): 2pcs
Water pump(2HP): 2pcs
Paper element filter: 1pc
Plastic Hem): 1pc
Pillow: 4pcs
Total jets: 49pcs
5 inch jets: 4pcs
4 inch jets: 13pcs
2.5 inch jets: 10pcs
2 inch jets: 4pcs
Air jets: 18pcs
Bottom light(3W): 3pcs
Water pipe&valve: 1batch



USA Balboa Control System

Famous and professional brand who has over two decades of dedication to innovative design and development. Its intuitive screens make controlling your tub a breeze. The Balboa system includes controls, heater, Ozone, it will provide you a safely, cleaning, high-end and leisure SPA enjoyment.

Lucite Acrylic

American Brand: Lucite Acrylic are ideal for casting in simple moulds to create solid surface sheets and shaped articles. Applications include kitchen worktops, solid surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins. UV and colour stability, heat and scratch resistance coupled with relatively low cost casting technology allows for significant design and application freedom.


304 Stainless steel material jets, according to the physical design. Water massage jets can to relieve tension and improve blood circulation. Promoting metabolism and improving skin conditions. Their distinct jets position design produces a surging stream of air and water that provides a vigorous massage to larger muscles in the back and shoulder areas. Giving a relaxing and cozy spa.


Filtration System, a cleaning and circulation equipment . A Newly and fashion design , also easy to clean and replace the paper element filter. The strainer and paper element filter can adsorption and cleaning floating debris and dirt effectively. It will provide you a leisure,comfortable and cleanly SPA enjoyment.

LX water pump

LX water pump are famous with high reputation and widely used in spa industry. The products have approved UL ETL TUV CE SAA 3C certificates.


Beautiful color fountain can provide you a romantic and comfortable visual perception feeling. Giving you a relaxing whirlpool massage hot tub spa and 7 colors light enjoyment.


A hot tub waterfall adds to your spa experience. It enhances relaxation; it provides entertainment. This popular add-on is quickly becoming a fashionable accessory in today’s hot tub industry. The more interested part is adding lights, the experience becomes even better.

Waterproof TV

Pop-up Waterproof TV, a luxury enjoyment. Using it by remote control or button on the surface of tub.

  • product-03_21


Two or three-step PS/Wood ladder. Exquisite and fashion handmade

Bluetooth & Speaker

Connecting with mobile phone to control and broadcast video, music, news what you want.

  • waterproof-speaker

Heat Preservation Foam &Tempered Glass PVC Bottom

Keeping warm and protect the bottom of tub



Fashionable DVD Box design, giving you a luxury and relaxed spa time.

Small LED Light

Providing you a romantic and relaxing environment to enjoy the spa.

  • Acrylic Shell

    Monalisa spas are warranted against blistering,cracking or delaminating of the interior surface of the spa shell for five years from the original date of purchase.

  • Equipment

    Monalisa spas’ electrical equipment components, specifically limited to the pumps, heater, and control system are warranty against malfunctions due to defects in workmanship or materials for two years from the original date of purchase.

  • Cabinetry

    Monalisa spas’ synthetic cabinetry are warranted against defects in Workmanship or materials or one year from the original date of purchase. Normal wear and weathering of the finish will occur naturally over time, and are not defects.

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