The 120th Canton Fair of Guangzhou Monalisa Bath Ware Co., Ltd


From October 15th, 2016, 120th Guangzhou Canton Fair began ceremoniously. At the first day the fair, Zhong Shan, The Deputy Minister of Minnistry of Commerce and Ren Xuefeng, The secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee were visiting our booth and gave us some useful guiding.


In order to meet with the market demand, Monalisa design and develop more Intelligent, more humanized and more excellent outdoor spa products.


In 120th canton fair, Monalisa displayed newest products, such as spa M-3390, sauna M-6048 and swim pool M-3504. Monalisa sell these products with high quality and reasonable price, which win a good reputation at home and aboard.


Monalisa pay more attention to customer’s experience spa. During Canton fair, Monalisa encouraged customers to experience spa. Because Monalisa would get feedback from customers, and then improved technology, and finally let spa reach more level.


In the period of canton fair, customers in Monalisa booth is so more like cloud. We showed the professional and enthusiastic attitude to our clients.


Focus on the newest technology, Bringing to all the world with leisure spa enjoyment. Monalisa is committed to do this all the time.